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Green Movement | Green Statement | GREENGUARD® Certified Products

SICO EUROPE® Green Movement

Green World

As a company, SICO EUROPE® is working hard to bridge the gap between supplying sustainable, earth friendly product solutions and constructing products that are a good value for our customers.

We also continue to search for new sustainable materials and ECO friendly manufacturing processes. See our SICO EUROPE® Green Statement.

Green is all about sustainable design...

At SICO EUROPE®, we are developing products and services that reduce the use of non-renewable resources, minimize environmental impact, and follow the principles of Sustainable Design.


  1. Whenever possible SICO EUROPE® uses low-impact materials that come from renewable resources, or we search for re-cycled materials that require minimal energy to produce.
  2. We strive to use manufacturing processes that consume less energy.
  3. SICO EUROPE® is committed to producing value-added products that are built to stand the test of time.
ECO Friendly Materials

Is Green Cost Prohibitive?

Green is within reach for most projects, even when project budgets are tight.

Today, there are many opportunities for our customers to renovate existing buildings, or build new facilities that will yield a sizable payback over time.

Payback Strategies
  1. Significantly reduced utility bills
  2. Savings on long-term maintenance
  3. Reduced product replacement costs

SICO EUROPE® Products Earn GREENGUARD® Certification.

As part of the commitment by SICO EUROPE® to support this effort, we have a growing number of SICO EUROPE® products that have now been certified with the GREENGUARD® mark of distinction. All of these products have gone through a stringent independent testing program that has affirmed that they meet the high standards set by the GREENGUARD® Environmental Institute for product emissions into the indoor air stream.

GREENGUARDAll SICO EUROPE® certified “Education Table Products” meet the highest specific product emission standard for children in schools. Look for this logo on SICO EUROPE® school tables.

GREENGUARDAll SICO EUROPE® certified “Table Products” meet the highest specific product emission standard. Look for this logo on certified SICO EUROPE® tables sold to other markets.

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