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SICO EUROPE® LTD.Green Statement

Environmentally Friendly Product Solutions

SICO® was incorporated in America in 1951 and has continued with its commitment since then as a premier manufacturer of mobile, folding products for the hospitality, leisure and education markets. SICO EUROPE’s® mission has always included the pursuit of sustainable solutions.

In itself, offering the highest quality, longest lasting products makes SICO EUROPE® more environmentally friendly. Because SICO EUROPE’s® product components are significantly higher quality, the useful life cycles of our products are considerably longer than our competitors’. That can mean less material usage, salvage, waste, landfill consumption, disposal costs, freight costs, downtime, and repair costs.

As a company, SICO EUROPE® is working hard to bridge the gap between supplying sustainable, earth friendly product solutions and constructing products that are built to stand the test of time. We are committed to providing customers around the globe with quality products that have a proven track record as a sound investment. We are always researching new sustainable materials for use in our products.

Environmentally Friendly Materials:

Environmentally Friendly Manufacturing Processes:

In addition:


SICO EUROPE® will continue to invest in research and development of durable new materials that are made of renewable and recyclable resources. Our manufacturing processes also reflect attention to minimizing waste, and re-cycling by-products of production.

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