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Abraham Darby Secondary School in the Borough of Telford and Wrekin has thrown out its antiquated dining tables and chairs and replaced them with SICO EUROPE® folding, wheeling tables with integral seats. Head teacher Christine Brown says that the school has found that the new tables can be set up in minutes and, after meals, can be folded up and wheeled away in no time. This gives at least another hour's free use of the hall every day, which would otherwise have been wasted in setting up and putting away the old tables.

Seating capacity has been increased, which improves daily income by allowing more pupils to sit down and eat a meal. She has had lots of positive comments: the catering staff find the system quick and easy to operate; the pupils like the new tables with their clean and bright look; the staff find the children behave better and the cleaners love the way the tables disappear so that they can get at the whole floor to clean it. Meal times have been transformed and are now safer, quicker and far more sociable experiences.

Telford and Wrekin have decided that SICO EUROPE® systems represent best value and have invested in them for all of their primary schools. Without exception the 'feedback' has been full of praise from all involved

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